2019 Facebook Algorithm Changes

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Why you should keep on top of the 2019 Facebook platform changes?

Being the first to move makes you the first to take advantage of new opportunities. Facebook is making it easy with events like F8, Webinars & Algorithm presentations allowing you to stay up to date.

2019 changes to the Facebook platform:

Business tools – Facebook has rolled out a number of changes including new tools to business pages (appointment setting).Killing sharing schemes – Facebook wanted to remove sharing schemes where pages and people were sharing videos for money.Friends over publishers – Facebook’s algorithm now prioritizes content posted from friends over publishers, with a focus on “meaningful interactions.”

New Facebook video ranking factors:

  • Loyalty and intent: When people regularly return to your video, Facebook will surface them more.
  • Longer View duration: Greater recognition to videos that are engaged over 3 minutes, not just 1 minute as it uses to be.
  • Originality: More weight to original content, rather than content created by someone else or repurposed.

This is trying to de-emphasize viral videos and reward content creators. What changes to make to your content marketing strategy:

  • Review the videos your making: Making sure you engaging the user whether it be on their need for information or entertainment.
  • Look at how you can make longer videos
  • Adapt your content to each platform.
  • Optimising titles, descriptions and tags will help your video be found in search.

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