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Lachlan Hall

Lachlan Hall

Digital Marketing & Sales. Why you need Both!

Digital Marketing & Sales. Why you need Both!

SBP Podcast – Ep 5 

For most business making decisions around the future of their sales and marketing, struggle between determining, if salespeople making calls & sending emails is best or if Online Advertising and Email marketing are more effective. 

In this video we discuss the topic and why it is important to keep a balance and how nothing has changed since things went digital (People have questions Sales & Marketing have answers). 

Digital Should be used to strengthen the Sales team – Traditional Marketing to Digital would be educating the market on your products, service and solutions. Your Digital marketing efforts should be an extension of this and providing resources leading to a salesperson. 

Manual prospecting (sales Personal) can be lengthy, having a strong relationship with your digital team can allow you to identify new ways of prospecting. 

How to find the balance between:

  • Prospecting, Ledgen and appointments (Ads vs Manual Prospecting) 
  • In person sales meetings Vs Zoom or Skype
  • Solution focused (Leverage digital but keep humans at the heart of it all)

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