Digital Marketing Strategy 2020

Digital Marketing Strategy 2020

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Lachlan Hall

Lachlan Hall

Digital Marketing Strategy 2020 - SBP Podcast

When setting your 2020 digital marketing strategy, start with your goals in mind.

Knowing what you want to achieve allows you to identify more efficient ways of getting there.

If you have a clear vision in mind you will be able to organise your content efforts in a way that drives those goals.

This will also allow you identify what content performs best.
Audit your content including Images, videos, blog posts, and website pages….conduct a complete audit of all the content surrounding your business.

Review the customer journey to finding your business:

  • Awareness – How they first hear about you (social, ads, seo)
  • Consideration – How they investigate your product or service (website, blogs, ebooks)
  • Conversion – How do they purchase your product or service (e-commerce, meeting booking page)

This will allow you to:
Find gaps / drop offs in the customer journey
Evaluate which content is performing best. (Driving results + Engaging)
Identify opportunities to reuse or repurpose content.

Review your content in full

  • Content that’s missing — What is your audience interested in that you haven’t covered?
  • Content that’s underperforming — Which pieces of content aren’t getting the numbers you want?
  • Outdated content — If you have old content, can it be updated or reworked to maintain optimization?
  • Home run content — Content that has performed extremely well.

Create an action plan
What will you continue? How can this improve?
Improvements you will make to things that are currently performing well.

What will you cut out?
Things that are underperforming or resource heavy.

What will you bring in / add new?
What can you substitute for those underperforming activities to achieve the same result for your digital marketing strategy in 2020.

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