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How to hire a Digital Marketing Agency – SBP Podcast Ep.9

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Lachlan Hall

Lachlan Hall

How to choose a digital marketing agency

In this podcast we discuss how to make the decision of hiring a digital marketing agency.
This includes reviewing both your internal needs as well as how the agency can fill these areas.
Here’s a breakdown of what we discuss:
1) Marketing Budget & Expectation
⯈ $60 k a year in a person vs $60 with an agency
⯈ Expectation of that resource/budget
⯈ Marketing Strategy
⯈ Content (Video, Photography, Copy & Design)
⯈ Placement (Ads, Website, Social)
⯈ Reporting (online metrics + leads/sales)
2) Marketing Personell Experience & Time
⯈ Most will be experienced in particular areas of marketing.
⯈ Will you develop your own strategy or hire a high level marketer to do this?
⯈ If you have strategy, will you spend the time to train the staff?
⯈ Benefit of agency is you get a depth of creativity, knowledge & experience (you get a whole team not just 1 person)
⯈ Scalability (On off switch) and scale incrementally.
⯈ Agency will have skills for each area VS employee will need to be an all rounder (usually less efficient)
3) Deciding to 100% Outsource Vs Working Alongside Considerations:
⯈Knowing your business & industry inside out.
⯈Skill gaps with regards to Web Copy, Photography, Targeting, Design etc Outsourcing 100%
⯈ Pro – Don’t have to think about it (agency should take ownership)
⯈ Con – out of sync Working alongside
⯈ Pro – Marketing will be in sync, up to date & agile (Regular Catch ups).
⯈ Con – You still need a resource in your team (they may need additional resources too).
How to choose an Agency Internal
⯈ Define key marketing activities.
⯈ Who currently handles this? How?
⯈ What areas could be streamlined or improved? Agency Review
⯈ Meet with Agencies
⯈ Understand their approach and strategy

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