Real Estate Social Media Marketing – SBP Podcast

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Lachlan Hall

Lachlan Hall

Real Estate Social Media Marketing - SBP Podcast

In real estate customers are often deep into the buying process before approaching an agent. 

This means your online media must drive potential leads to make contact with your brand, leaving your sales team to close. 


0:54 – Promote the suburb not just the house – Use social media to provide buyers an understanding of the area your selling homes in. 

1:45 – Create local content – Keep buyers and sellers engaged locally by sharing local stats, upcoming events and trending businesses in the area. 

2:25 – Educate buyers & Publishing Market News – Use social media to provide home buying tips, and help keep buyers aware of market trends by summarising reports. 

4:20 – Use Retargeting – Reach people who have previously visited your site through Facebook and YouTube retargeting. This is great to reinforce your brand or drive action using a promotion. 

5:50 – Make sharing easy – Encourage followers to tag someone who might be interested in your posts and have social sharing buttons on your site listings. 

6:45 – Creating a compelling listing post for social media and driving traffic to your open houses. 

7:50 – Main types of content for Real Estate agents to use in their marketing. 

9:10 – Examples of types of ways you can start creating content for your agency.

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