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We’re a Melbourne Based Video Production company creating engaging videos that tell stories and connect business with their audiences. Video production is fun, easy and adds a ton of ROI to your marketing efforts

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We want to be the reason why you love producing marketing videos

Not only have we made the process of producing videos breeze, as a video production company our team are constantly looking for ways to take your content to the next level. This includes identifying topics your customers are engaging with, innovative ways to showcase your business and looking for ways to get your video in front of more of the right audience. Working with our team on your video production will give you peace of mind that your marketing is taken care of and driving results for you business.

Proof is in the pudding, right?

Why you'd consider Video Production...

Easy Video Production Process

Our marketing video production is a breeze, with our easy to follow process and dedicated video production project manager.

Cost Effective

We have eliminated unnecessary overheads in the traditional video & film production process. This gives you a cost effective way to leverage video for your organisation.

Dedicated Video Production Manager

Feel confident with a dedicated team member to guide you throughout the entire video production process. Communicating your feedback is also simple & fun with

Measurable video Results

When using Facebook, Youtube or similar modern platforms, you gain access to a tremendous amount of insights from your videos. Some of these include, audience demographics, watch duration & engagement.

Scalable Video Marketing

Advertising on Instagram, Facebook, & Youtube unlocks your ability to target & retarget audiences. Once a desired CPA has been established, you could scale your advertising ANYWHERE!

Discoverable Marketing Efforts

Regular creation of video content coupled with effective distribution with SEO in mind, enables you to be discovered by audiences searching for your products.

Video Production Process

Strategy & Pre-Production

We align your video with the outcomes you are looking to drive. We then plan the concept, interview questions and develop a timeline for your video production.


Following the pre production plans, we arrive on the video production day to gather required footage, interview your staff or customers and any other relevant stakeholders


We compose the video, provide you with a draft and allow for you to provide feedback on this. We then make these revisions and provide you with the final edit.


Working with our online advertising team on running an advertising campaign for your video to get maximum reach and drive results for your business.

Videos we make

Promotional Video

We help you to create engaging videos to promote products, services, events or special offers.

Training Video

Engage staff with Training Videos that provide a visual way for learning various tasks while reducing the time you spend providing manual instructions.

Corporate Introduction

Video is a great way to introduce your organisation to new audiences.Using stories behind your organisation you can also build deeper relations with existing customers.

Website Video

Short videos that convert strangers on your website, to engaged visitors and paying customers.

Event Videos

Use video to create content from your events that engages with customers or promote future events.

Thought Leader

Build trust and establish your authority by sharing your expertise online through a series of thought leader videos.

YouTube, Instagram & FB Video

Create videos that are focused on engaging with audiences on specific platforms. We help you to customise your strategy to each channel.

Case Studies & Testimonials

Showcase past projects or customer experiences using a video that walks prospective customers through the solution you provide.

Video Production Case Studies

Video Production Resources

Video Production Company production studio

Video is one of the most Powerful ways to Market your Business Online. SBP is a marketing video production company creates videos for Social Media, Websites, Events & Training. We do this to drive a range of results for our customers including:

Driving Awareness for your products or services across social media and search engines by creating videos that engage and audiences will want to share.

Converting Visitors of your site or who’ve engaged with your content through videos that encourage them to visit your store, engage or contact your sales team.

Nudge leads further down your funnel with engaging content such as case studies & testimonies from past clients that assists them to find a solution for their challenge.

Podcast: Creating valuable Videos for your Business

Creating video content will assist you to increase the reach of your social media channels and engage with audiences on these platforms. Video can also allow you to reduce the costs of reaching audiences using social media advertising, increasing your return on advertising spend. In this podcast, we discuss types of videos you should be making, where you can get started and some guidelines for video production.

Check out more of our resources here. Smart insights always publish awesome info about marketing, check out their Video Marketing Trends for 2020 here 

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Digital Marketing Agency Testimonials
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Cassandra Klain
Catholic Education Office
Read More
Prompt service, easy to work with and put us at ease to get the best result.
Christine Sita
Melton City Council
Read More
Another brilliant delivery of Venture Melton videos. The team at SBP met my brief to fine detail understanding my target objectives and target market for the production process. They even added personal touches of their own that I would not have considered.
Spatial Vision
Read More
Josh, Dush and the team were professional, accommodating and answered all our questions. They went the extra mile to make sure our project was delivered on time!
Alliance Pharmacy
Read More
I loved working with Dush and the team at SBP Creative Media. I put them under pressure to create a great video with short timelines and they delivered!

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